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Interactive workshops where you can learn about the science of experience and make sense of the art of mindfulness meditation. These workshops create a playful learning space with group exercises, visual presentations, discussion and short guided mindfulness meditations.

Today, most of us are going so fast we can’t stop. We can’t stop running to keep up because we live under a sense of a constant threat. This threat is an illusion. We may know it’s an illusion but we don’t know how to stop and rest. We work hard and play hard. Running becomes a habit. We miss out on the richness of the simple things in life and sooner or later we become exhausted. We snap. We make mistakes. We loose friends.

To stop, we need to feel safe. The first step in mindfulness meditation is to calm the mind by focusing on the body and the breath, interrupting thoughts but people often find this difficult. We need feel we are part of a group first. This is why the M4C workshops are different. They start with interactive group exercises that get people talking to each other about the mind, emotions, experience and the body. People get an understanding of what they are doing and why; doing it as a group.

Feeling playful and curious about experience is the foundation of mindfulness meditation. It’s the same way we feel when we feel connected to people around us. That’s where M4C workshops start.

With mindfulness meditation we lean how to flourish in a stressful modern world because it teaches us that it’s the quality of experience that counts. In the end, it’s our relationships that are the most important things in our lives. It’s people around us that give our lives meaning and mindfulness meditation is just navel gazing if it’s not about people. The M4C approach places relationships at its to help us work better together, at home, at work and in community and to give our lives meaning in a mad, mad world.