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You've got to feel it to know it

Jimmy Riley

We have made the Make a Change free online mindfulness mediation course because we want to contribute to a better world.  You can start learning today by signing up, you can also join us at workshops and courses, or contact us about running a course for your community or workplace. 

The Make a Change course format

The Make a Change course is the product of four years of developing short mindfulness courses for the workplace and for the general public based on the book* ‘Mindfulness, Finding Peace in a Frantic World’. Everything is explained in this course; what you are doing and why, so that you can understand what you are doing before you do it. The course has a short guided meditation each week for people living a busy life.

…discover the true potential of the mind.

brain-cellsThe course itself is shorter than standard mindfulness courses and if you join classes they are only an hour long. There are also group activities in class where you can connect with others, learn together and share experiences to discover the true potential of the mind. The Make a Change course takes the struggle out of learning mindfulness but you still need to set aside a little time each day to listen to guided meditations.

Mindfulness meditation

There is no mystery to learning mindfulness meditation. The mystery is in your experience and the possibility of change. Recent interest in mindfulness has come from psychology but understanding things as processes of thinking and feeling is only the first step. The M4C course goes deeper. Starting with psychology then understanding the embodied mind and the social mind – from mindfulness to compassion, activity and community.

Mindfulness is not just about inoculating ourselves against the stress of modern life. It’s about making better relationships and acting consciously.

Today we face great challenges in the economy, in society and the environment. Stress is a symptom of modern life. Mindfulness reduces stress but we need to deal with the conditions that cause the problem in the first place. First we need to face up to the reality of the situation we face. Then action comes from understanding how things work and finding the resources to do what needs to be done. We start by understanding our greatest resource. The mind.

Acting consciously

Mindfulness is not just about inoculating ourselves against the stress of modern life. It’s about making better relationships and acting consciously with intention. Then we can build networks, organisations and communities that can engage positively in the challenges we face today. The M4C vision brings what we believe is the most advanced mindfulness meditation course available, to understand our minds, so that we can discover how we can make a better world together.

The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.

Gary Zukav, best selling author, The Heart of the Soul.

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*Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World, by Professor Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman.