Sync With Your Breathing Web App animated instructions

go here to launch SWYB in your browser

Breathe in – press & hold.

Breathe out – release.

Repeat at your own pace for a few breaths.

The visuals will sync with your breathing.

So, how’s your breathing?

And where’s your mind?

Designed for mobile and desktop browsers

Sync With Your Breathing, or SWYB for short, is a browser-based web app. This just means that it loads in your web browser instead of you having to download it. It works on all major desktop and mobile browsers. It works great with mobile touch-screen devices, and if you are on a desktop browser you can alternatively use a mouse or trackpad button instead of touching the screen.

About SWYB

By learning to focus attention on the sensations of breathing we can interrupt the story in our heads and diffuse the stress that so often goes with it.

SWYB – M4C’s concentration meditation app – is a powerful aid that makes it as easy as possible to break these patterns. Engaging your senses of touch, vision and breathing all at once, SWYB is an immersive digital tool designed to help you reset, refocus and recentre. Just Sync With Your Breathing whenever you need it.

SWYB has been designed and tested using scientific theory and practice from the fields of psychology and human-computer interaction by Robin & Chris.

While SWYB as you see it here is at an alpha stage of development, we are busy working on a beta version that can run as a standalone mobile app on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and more mobile operating systems. We have some exciting things planned for this next iteration of SWYB. If you want to support us in our next steps, or can give us some feedback about how you’re getting on with SWYB, drop us a line on hello(at) – we’re always up for a bit of a chin-wag…