The Mindfulness4Change team brings a wealth of experience in developing mindfulness programmes tailored to the needs of organizations. Rachel Lilley has produced and delivered a mindfulness course designed for Welsh Civil Servants on decision making. Mark Leonard was the first to adapt the course in the best selling book, Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World for the workplace and taught twenty of these courses to Veterinary practitioners, nurses and ancillary staff from CVS Vets, the largest provider of veterinary services in Europe. Amaranatho delivered a Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme in Armadale Hospital, Western Australia and has worked widely with young people in Colleges of Further Education in the UK.

Mindfulness meditation has a range of benefits both to individuals and to organisations. Most commonly mindfulness meditation is adapted to the workplace to reduce stress. While stress reduction is important in mental and physical well-being mindfulness meditation can also be used to improve a wide range of functions including decision making, information management, creativity, negotiations, relationship building, resilience and engagement. The key to designing a mindfulness programme for an organisation is to tailor the mindfulness programme to the culture and needs of the organisation. An organisation that is considering rolling out mindfulness training for its staff also  needs to manage the change that mindfulness training can have on the way staff work and relate to each other. Mindfulness training in an organisation is likely to have an effect on its culture and this is likely to need to be managed positively.

Our collective expertise and experience will guide an you through the whole process of designing a mindfulness programme for  your staff that fits the culture and needs of your organisation. We also offer consultancy on managing organisational change to create a more conscious organisation.